Engaging leadership and employees.

Management consulting & communication to transform, develop and grow.

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Improve your business results by activating your company’s full economic and human potential with our hands on and no-nonsense management approach.

More than 2000 organizations worldwide have implemented it to improve their performance with great success.

With Risk Management, we identify and manage the impact of uncertainty on business objectives to increase organisational performance further.

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Strengthen management and employee communication, top-down and bottom-up.

Improve management communication skills, streamline internal communication processes and tools to engage your employees in their day to day work.

Implement change and restructurings, drive relations with employee representatives and manage crises with persuasive communication

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Use our mission, vision, value development and updating process to initiate the winning strategies that will make your business stand out on the market.

Engage in strategic risk management to focus in on the ‘what if’ issues to make the strategy more robust and assist leadership teams in making better-informed decisions.

Make each employee a co-creator and co-producer of your company vision, building the unique company your customers and stakeholders are looking for.

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Making good companies great

Our core purpose is to engage management and employees so that they can adapt, develop and grow their organization, from good to great.

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  • More than 200 restructurings to date : manage internal and external communication, focussing on preparation, content, planning and training management in order to keep the business running, taking into account all legal aspects, dealing with trade unions and protecting the company reputation.
  • Discontented sales staff in various countries. Results are down. How to respond rapidly?

  • Dealing with recurring problems can be a drain on energy. How to eliminate them once and for all?
  • In order to grow, a business needs to outperform three direct competitors in terms of sales, market share and gross profit margin.

  • The need to get a model for continuous improvement in place after a bad LEAN experience. Managers are extremely skeptical.
  • What's a simple, concrete and efficient way to better manage teams and restore the factory's credibility within the group?

  • Communication about a major change that is bound to upset people. How to keep the business running and deal with trade unions and the company reputation?
  • The trade unions communicate more, but their information is not always complete, or may even be biased. How can this be fundamentally addressed?

  • According to an engagement survey, internal communication is a problem. How to make it more effective?
  • The messages that the senior management is trying to get across often become garbled by the time they reach the teams, or don't get transmitted at all. How to train the management in communication and encourage them to take responsibility?

  • How to start communicating about change in a way that will really make a difference, after several unsuccessful attempts?
  • Crisis management: Master class to review the relevance of the crisis plan and management of various social and environmental crises.

  • The employees are not familiar with the strategy. It is not made truly accessible by the management and the company is not progressing rapidly enough in its plans.
  • Despite all the communication tools the company possesses, it is not managing to engage its personnel in the change. What is the best method to apply?

  • How to make the strategy available throughout the whole company and implement it at all levels?
  • Internal work on the mission, vision and values is running up against an impasse: there's lots of information, but it's impossible to get any further. How to get it all into definitive form and make it accessible?

  • How to improve the managers' change management skills? They have received training, but that's not enough. What else can be done to improve results?
  • High absenteeism. Diminishing motivation. Morale could be better. The company wants to make a diagnosis in order to draw up a plan of action.


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