Square Circle welcomes Georges Vandenhove as a new partner

2020-06-10 · 9 min read

Ludo Goethals, Katrien Decroos and Anja Van Geert are pleased to welcome Georges Vandenhove as a new partner and co-shareholder of Square Circle.


Georges Vandenhove has built a national and international career as HR manager at leading companies such as GSK, Mobil, Honeywell, Afga Gevaert and British Telecom. He has experienced all levels of human resources from the basic role of HR generalist to Global CHRO. 


For the past 12 years, as Vice President HR, Georges has overseen the evolution and transformation of various divisions of the industrial group Ingersoll Rand/Trane Technologies in EMEA. 


Georges Vandenhove: "the HR function has some important challenges ahead and needs some fundamental rethinking. The post-Covid period will further emphasize the need for agile organisations in which people play a central role and work in more flexible organisational structures. As a result, companies will have to handle their human potential differently. I have had the opportunity to experience this new trend in the field personally while setting up an HR approach that works for human resources and business teams and that is delivering results. Through Square Circle, I now want to use this expertise in many companies, from SMEs to international organisations." 


Square Circle subscribes to the principle that it is the people who make organisations successful and effective. The current approach to communication, change management and operational risk management is already based on this model.


Georges Vandenhove: "As a client, I have managed many transformations with the support of Square Circle for more than 20 years, both in Belgium and Europe as well as worldwide. I have always appreciated their field experience, pragmatic approach and drive to make the client successful. Getting things done is a part of Square Circle's DNA and of mine as well. I look forward to joining this strong team in offering an integrated range of pragmatic solutions for the development of organisations. For us, people play a crucial role in driving the progress of their organisation." 


Ludo Goethals, co-founder of Square Circle: "With the arrival of Anja Van Geert in 2019, we expanded Square Circle's expertise into operational risk management. Today's approach to operational risks offers companies a smarter and faster way to do business because the risks inherent in innovation and transformation are identified and actively managed. With the arrival of Georges, we are taking the next crucial step in the expertise we are able to offer in management consulting, business-driven HR, social relations and organisational development." 


Square Circle’s range of services: 


  • Carrying out transformations, including restructuring expertise based on many years of experience.
  • Guiding the communication throughout countless change processes.
  • Developing a business-driven 'people solutions' policy in the post-Covid period.
  • Developing sustainable social relationships and assisting with negotiations related to formal employee input and social plans.
  • Effective HR and social communication by more efficiently managing human and economic activity through a specific methodology, the SEAM approach (Socio Economic Approach to Management). 
  • Operational risk management closely linked to entrepreneurship, including contingency planning and cyber protection.
  • Crisis management and crisis communication.



Join the conversation! 

On Monday 29 June 2020 at 1pm, we would like to offer you the chance to talk with Georges and the Square Circle team on the trends companies will need to take into account in their approach to human potential in the post-Covid era. 


Register for the Team meeting here


We look forward to an interesting discussion! 



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