Manage every aspect of your internal corporate culture with an authentic and engaging communication, stimulating commitment, accountability and job satisfaction.

We partner with you to

  • Develop an integrated internal communications approach that will motivate your employees to implement the company’s strategy and vision on a daily basis. In our approach, 20% of the strategic communication is centrally managed and 80% is directed by line management.
  • Audit internal communications and making an internal diagnosis followed by proposals to enhance top-down and bottom-up communication.
  • Prepare and help drive the internal and external communication related to change or transformation projects and restructurings.
  • Provide media training for management
  • Develop communication support in relation to HR and social relations issues.
  • Drive the communication in the event of a company crisis or major incident
  • Improve the communication skills of managers and team leaders through interactive trainings.
  • Assess crisis preparedness and train crisis teams in crisis communication skills.

Our integrated approach to communication.



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